D70 Pro OCTO version V1.06 firmware update

This firmware is only for D70 Pro OCTO and is NOT applicable to any other models including D70 Pro SABRE. If this firmware is flashed to other models, it will immediately cause the product to be unusable and unable to repair by yourself. If the firmware of your D70 Pro OCTO is already V1.06, then your D70 Pro OCTO needn't this update.

The firmware version of your D70 Pro OCTO could be check at the DFU mode: Turn D70 Pro OCTO off by the power switch of rear panel. Then press and keep holding the knob, turn on D70 Pro OCTO by the same power switch, release the knob.


What's updated:

1, Fix the system level hiccup (including spdif input) 5 seconds after changing settings.
2, Fix random reboots.

Download here


If you have questions about the update of your D70 Pro OCTO, please contact us before updating this firmware.

2023-12-06 15:48